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the features of our aerostrength equipment line​​

ultimate athletic performance training for explosive force

Our cylinders are not mass-produced automobile shock absorbers like many other hydraulic fitness machines. Our cylinders were designed and patented in the U.S.A. specifically for human exercise in 1969 and have been lasting on the average 20-years and in some well maintained facilities up to 25-years!

Our upholstery is Boltasport, designed specifically for sports and exercise equipment in high-traffic facilities. You have over 55-colors to choose from. 

Our frames are steel and there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. You can choose black frames or gray frames.  
We are a build-to-order manufacturer so please allow 2 to 4 weeks of build time on all orders. On overseas shipments allow for a minimum of 30-days transit time. 

The most popular benefits are the RESULTS! 

#1 Quick Weight Loss!   
#2 Less Pain and Stress! 
#3 Strength and Cardio in half the time!   
#4 Safely Increases Explosive Power! 

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If the user stops moving at any point in the range of movement the resistance stops. There are no heavy weights to be let down. This is in contrast to free weights, weight stack equipment with cables or bands, and any other weighted equipment that must return to the starting point before the resistance is zero. This makes it the perfect choice for Senior Fitness Programming, Geriatrics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and the Ladies Only Fitness market.

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Choose Black or Gray Frames 

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In 1967 a high school football coach witnessed too many young football players getting injured while training on heavy weights. As a result, he devised a safer way to increase strength using the fluid resistance of a hydraulic cylinder mounted on various strength machines in place of the iron weights. His newly designed strength machines using hydraulic fluid filled cylinders increased resistance as the athlete's speed increased. So the faster the athlete moved the greater the resistance became. Soon after implementing his new training program his players began to perform far better that what he had expected. He quickly discovered there were more benefits to using hydraulic cylinders for resistance training than he first thought. He discovered that over-building muscles with iron weights slowed speed and decreased flexibility compared to hydraulic resistance training. Slower speeds and decreased flexibility increases the risk of injury whereas hydraulic resistance training increases speed and flexibility thereby decreasing the risk of injury. Much to his delight, hydraulic resistance training produced increases in 

1) Explosive Force   2)Strength   3) Aerobic Power   4) Speed    5) Muscular Endurance   6) Cardiovascular Endurance  6) and even Flexibility!  

From 1970 Hydraulic Exercise Training has become more and more popular with: Professional Athletes, Physical Therapists, Medical Rehabilitation Therapists, Olympic Teams and Coaches and hundreds of college and high school football teams.  

Here are the primary reasons:
Fluid resistance is safe and gentle on joints and muscles.
Reduction in injuries means you can stay in the game!
Greater gains in all 3-power sources:

                 1) Aerobic exercise produces cardiovascular endurance

                 2) Interval training produces cardiovascular power

                 3) Resistance training produces strength

 Strength plus Speed equals Explosive Force

In the late 80's, Henley Healthcare Company, introduced an exciting program the the Health Club Industry called P.A.C.E. It was an instructor led group fitness class done in an interval format that was set to music using hydraulic exercise machines.

P.A.C.E. became popular in many health clubs in the U.S. especially with women. The reason was not only because women love the social interaction of group exercise but they quickly discovered the amazing fat burning benefits! In a very short period of time a person working out on the hydraulic circuit can lose an amazing amount of body fat. It is for this reason that the 30-minute hydraulic interval training circuit workout exploded in popularity around the world.

Women's health club chains began popping up in great numbers around the world! Since then, the hydraulic circuit training program has produced fitness franchises and independent health clubs in over 100 countries.

Now, everyone is benefiting from these incredible machines!

Physical Therapists Love It!

Hydraulic Fitness Equipment for Rehab-Fitness-Sports Performance-Active Aging-Weight Loss

~  Strength Training with Speed  ~

Fluid Resistance - Velocity Enhanced - Dual Positive Contractions - Gravity Free Strength Training that increases EXPLOSIVE FORCE without the risk of injury.

Physical Therapists use our equipment for it's ability to gently re-build opposing muscle groups at the same time. The dual positive resistance and smooth fluid movements means less muscle soreness and better muscular balance.  Further, AeroStrength offers a huge space savings advantage because each piece is equivalent to two conventional machines and has a small footprint.

Our equipment is the highest quality exercise and rehab equipment manufactured with the most advanced velocity controlled resistance system. AeroStrength hydraulic exercise machines offer smooth fluid resistance that is controlled completely by the user. The resistance is accomodating through the full range of movement as it dynamically adjusts to match the users force. 

Our Manufacturing Team has over 100-years of combined experience in the industries of manufacturing sports performance training equipment, physical rehab equipment, hospital equipment, and specialty exercise equipment for health clubs and fitness centers.

Our Sales Team has gym franchise experience as both a franchisor and a franchisee. Our Principals have all been multi-unit health club owners and have been instrumental in assisting with the new user-friendly and highly effective new designs of the AeroStrength line. What does this mean for you? It means all of our experience is at your disposal. Whether you just need one piece of equipment or you'd like to open your own fitness business, sports performance training center,  or rehab business, we can help. We've assisted hundreds of new entrepreneurs in getting their businesses up and running so give us a call!

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Our most popular upholstery colors. are owned and operated by Fast Fun Fitness, an Oklahoma Company, for the purpose of promoting our AeroStrength line of fitness equipment, jogging boards, aerobic platforms, and other lines of sports performance, fitness and rehab equipment that are safe and yet highly effective. 

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All of our equipment is Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A. The Hydraulic Fitness and Rehab Equipment Lines represent 45-years of manufacturing excellence and is the culmination of the combined efforts of industry veterans. We are a build-to-order manufacturer that allows you to buy direct and save money. You can choose between 2-frame colors and 55-upholstery colors. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on Frames, 3-years on Cylinders, and 1-year on upholstery. 

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Because ​AeroStrength is the ultimate POWER training equipment!  It's no secret that Strength plus Speed equals Power (or Explosive Force) and hydraulic resistance is strength training with speed. AeroStrength provides 100% true maximal muscle overload at all joint angles which provide optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed, and endurance.  As the muscle fatigues, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjusts so the athlete can still work at 100% of what the muscles are capable of generating at that time. That translates into superior endurance for optimal athletic performance. 

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