power runner speed runner machine hydraulic vert machine

AeroStrength Bicep - Tricep - Arm Curl

AeroStrength Leg Press

Quickly adjusts to allow you to set your own range of motion.

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Multi-Lift Task 

Full-body lift - 


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hydra-gym neck machine 4-way neck strengthener
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hydraulic back row chest press
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AeroStrength Hip - Ad-Ab

hydraulic neck machine 4 way strength
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AeroStrength Upright Row - Tricep Press

This machine can be used to do Dip Shrugs and Oblique Side Lift exercises.

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shoulder press lat pull down hydraulic fitness machines
fluid resistance machines lift task squat

AeroStrength Squat - Calf Raise

AeroStrength Abdominal - Low Back Extension

leg press hydrafitness pace express circuit workout leg press

Power Neck

​4-way neck

hydra-gym power jumper speed squat

AeroStrength Seated Chest - Back Row

​Three hand positions work different angles of the chest, back, and arms.

Gravity free strength training with speed produces explosive power and reduces the risk of injury during training.  

AeroStrength fluid resistance automatically matches any users force and speed at all angles in the range of movement thereby strengthening the entire length of the muscle, not just the belly of the muscle.

Velocity enhanced strength training safely builds muscle while increasing cardiovascular endurance and melting away excess body fat fast. The double concentric contractions reduce muscle soreness while creating better muscular balance.

For over 40-years hydraulic exercise equipment, like AeroStrength, has been used in:

  • Professional Athletic Training Centers for sports performance training to produce explosive POWER​
  • Physical Therapy and Hospital Facilities for gently rehabilitation of the injured
  • Chiropractic Clinics for gentle re-strengthening of opposing muscles
  • Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities for better quality of life
  • Weight Loss Centers for quick and easy fat reduction​
  • International Health Club chains for express circuit workouts and for high intensity interval training also known as the popular HIIT workout. 
  • Women Only Gyms like Curves for Women, Fit Express, It Figures! Fast Fun Fitness, Figures!, Shapes for Women, Ladies Workout Express, PACE for Her, Express Fit, Slender Lady, Butterfly Life, Siluets, Shake and Shape, Shape Express, Go Figure!, and many other international fitness companies use hydraulic exercise circuit workouts to attract new members that would NOT normally enter a conventional gym setting. 

Whether you are a Sports Performance Coach, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Weight Loss Physician, Senior Care Administrator, Center Director for Active Aging, Long-term Care Activity Director, Health Club Owner, Personal Trainer or an at-home exercise enthusiast, you will love our equipment.

Visit our company website at Fast Fun Fitness.com to find out more about this highly effective and versatile exercise equipment.

AeroStrength Multi-Gym 6-in1+

Power Squat - Speed Squat-Jump

hydraulic dip shrug machine hydragym rehab fitness
hydraulic leg press fit express circuit workout

AeroStrength Vertical Fly  - Pectoral Fly

Change hand positions up or down to work lower or upper chest and back.

AeroStrength Glute Press

Can also do Calf Raises  on this machine

butt press glute press curves butt machine
thigh machine like curves workout inner outer thigh

AeroStrength Torso Twist

AeroStrength Chest Press - Back Row

Can also do Abdominal Crunches and Back Extensions on this machine.

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AeroStrength Shoulder Press - 

Lat Pull Down

hydraulic fitness machine dip shrug fit express
chest press back row hydragym hydrafitness fit express curves machines

Hydraulic Fitness, Sport Performance, and Rehab

30-minute workout machine circuit tummy twist

Pro Power 


​speed squat

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chest press back row long row back row hydraulic resistance

AeroStrength Leg Extension - Knee Curl 

Comes in Single and Unilateral Leg Model

​Quickly adjusts to fit any leg length. 

(Unilateral model will have the new side panels)

hydraulic speed trainer quad ham knee curl hydragym

Power Max 360

Power Runner - Speed Runner 

curves machine circuit workout 30-minute squat machine

AeroStrength Dip Shrug

You can change the angle of the Dip Shrug to hit chest, back, and deltoids more or less by moving forward or back on the seat. 

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